Tuesday, July 28, 2009

War Eagle, Arkansas--The Movie

Yesterday I received word that an independent film called War Eagle, Arkansas will be shown in Birmingham this weekend. This movie is about two friends, one with a disability. I went to their website (www.wareaglearkansas.com), to read more about the movie and the story. While reading the story synopsis, I was disappointed to see the language was not Person First. In describing the young man with a disability, the story synopsis stated, " He has been confined to a wheelchair since early childhood,"I have contacted the movie's publicist, Theba Lolley, stating my disappointment with the language used in describing the young man with a disability. I explained to her the importance of using person first language and the proper statement would be, "He has used a wheelchair for mobility since early childhood."I would encourage each of you to contact Ms. Lolley at 501-246-1964 or tlolley@sbcglobal.net and explain to her the importance of person first language.

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