Friday, January 29, 2010

Seclusion and Restraint: Concerns and Solutions Teleconference

February 8, 2010: Seclusion and Restraint: Concerns and Solutions. Teleconference discussion from 12:00 to 12:45 PM (ET) Presented by: Lise Fox (Florida Center for Inclusive Communities), Sylvia Smith (Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities), Margaret Hooper (FloridaDevelopmental Disabilities Council), and F. Daniel Armstrong (Mailman Center for Child Development).


Description: Families, educators, advocates and students are becoming increasingly concerned about the use of seclusion and restraint in school settings. In Florida, there are documented cases where seclusion and restraint has been used with disastrous and tragic consequences. This panel will discuss the concerns related to the use of seclusion and restraint; provide information on its use within Florida Schools, and present current efforts for ensuring how schools can provide effective and safe behavior intervention procedures including proposed state legislation, resources and training opportunities.

This web and teleconference event includes a recorded on-line presentation and a live teleconference discussion during which participants will have the opportunity to ask presenters questions about the topic. Space is limited and registrations will no longer be accepted once capacity is reached. Please note that the presentation, a recording of the teleconference, and all supporting materials will be available to the public on , , and within two weeks of the event.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Join Thousands of Advocates Demanding Action!

Call your Senators and Representatives toll-free:
1-800-828-0498 (thanks to Families USA!).

Tuesday, January 26, has been selected as a National Call-In Day for people with disabilities and older adults to contact their Members of Congress and tell them that healthcare reform should be passed as soon as possible. Members of Congress need to hear from you now about the need to pass real healthcare reform that includes the CLASS Act and Community First Choice Option.

Use the toll-free number above or call the Capitol switchboard at (202-224-3121) to reach the Washington office of your Representative and two Senators. NCIL also recommends that you call their local district offices. Find your Senators and Representative. Every Representative and Senator, of both parties, must hear this message:

“The time is NOW for Congress to pass meaningful healthcare reform that includes the CLASS Act and improvements in Medicaid home and community based services. All Americans deserve meaningful reforms in healthcare and long-term care that are within reach.”

Healthcare reform has taken a dramatic turn over the course of the last week. This is a chance for the grassroots disability community to flex some muscle and tell Congress that reform is still possible and must be achieved. Be a part of the wave that brings reform back and moves Congress to get this done!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Action Alert- Paratransit routes will be cut at the end of January without additional funding

ClasTran provides over 110,000 trips each year - 55,000 trips for seniors to area nutrition centers, 1,700 life saving trips to dialysis centers and 3, 500 trips to work and school.
Your letters, calls and emails are urgently needed, today. Ask commissioners to identify new funding to continue this service.
Jefferson County Commission
Jefferson County Courthouse
716 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd North
Birmingham, AL 35203

Jim Carns (District 5) 325-5503
Shelia Smoot (District 2) 325-5074

Affected riders are encouraged to submit letters, faxes and e-mail to the Birmingham News. Letters should be about 200 words and must include the writer's name, address and daytime telephone number. (The address and phone number will not be published.) Letters may be edited for grammar, spelling and brevity. For questions about submitting a “Letter to the Editor”, call Marvera Goymer at (205) 325-3252 or e-mail her at

For other questions or if you need more information call Judy Roy at 251-2223 ext. 102.

This flyer was developed and disseminated by grassroots transportation advocates.

Please share this alert with your network.