Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Call or Write your Senator and Representative supporting the Community Choice Act.

Now is the time to contact Senators Sessions and Shelby, as well as your Representative asking them to support the Community Choice Act.

Currently, every state that receives Medicaid is required by law to provide nursing home services, but paying for medical or personal care services in the home remain optional. This means if a person needs any kind of personal care services, he or she is not given a choice as to where they live, the state determines where they live. In Alabama, 8 out of every 10 people that require personal care services and on Medicaid are placed in nursing homes.

The Community Choice Act requires states to offer medical or personal care services for Medicaid-eligible consumers who want to stay in or return to their homes and communities. This act will allow people with disabilities the choice of where they want to live and live the American Dream!

Currently, only Representative Jo Bonner supports this bill from the Alabama Delegation. Please let your Senator and Representative know that you support the Community Choice Act and would like their support for this bill.

Below are links to the contact information for each member of the Alabama Delegation and a sample letter to your Senator and Representative. If you wish to use the letter, just copy and paste into a word document and add what you wish.

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